About Us


My name is Bec, I live on the South Coast of NSW by the seaside…and that’s my sweet little Ragamuffin, Maya.

At the ripe old age of 28, I found myself single…again. On top of the usual end-of-chapter rigmarole and the highs and lows of yet another break-up    (while everyone…like, everyone….around me seems to have it all figured out *facepalm* )    I was a brand new mum.

At the beginning of this new road of googling co-parenting tips and base-standards of shared custody for a 3-month old, I really just needed to hear that eventually, the dust would settle and I…we…. would be ok.

My beautiful girl, Maya Rose, is a wildflower…spirit in spades! She’s super cute and certainly keeps things interesting. But as lucky as I am to have such an amazing little girl to call my own, raising a kid el solo is not the easiest feat. Every tantrum, every maneuver out of the house, every refusal to get dressed, every learned-verbatim F-bomb and every slippery-dip que dispute is on you…And doing it alone, whilst trying to navigate my life as a staring-down-the-barrel-of-30 single is one big, fat black comedy..one so raw and hilarious at times, I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore…neither Chuck Lorre nor Nicholas Sparks combined could write this shit!

They say it takes a village, so if you are facing the responsibility of raising a baby alone…you are NEVER alone. One thing I have learned from starting this blog is that there are tons of sole-mammas, blended-house mums, mums to be,  happily married mums and women who aren’t mammas yet, but have always been daughters and dads from all walks too…who are going through this whole parenting roller-coaster aswell and are a wealth of knowledge…live a Hivemind! So let me proudly say to all of you, ‘Welcome to your village’.

My name is Bec and I am a single mum…and yes, I promise you are going to be ok and you will cry my dear, but my god you will laugh and you will love xo