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So as you know if you have been following along a while, I am trying hard to reduce the amount of rubbish May and I use, particularly for lunches & coffees. This is why I absolutely love Smash Enterprises and throw my hand up to trial their new products at any given moment!

Maya is by no means a fussy eater (check out the pickle and the boiled egg above and say no more!) but she, like her Mamma is a grazer and would prefer a buffet of goodies to snack from at regular intervals than a sit-down meal.

Smashbox (10 of 19)

Enter the Bento Bite Box!

Super similar concept to the YumBox, just with a few added benefits, including easy stock-listers, competitive price-point and ALPACAS!

Now, we all know banana doesn’t fare so well when coupled with pickle juice (or at least we can assume so right!?)… so imagine Mamma’s delight to find that not only is this bad-boy designed to keep them at a safe distance, the wee compartments inside are leak-proof! Hallelujah!

And let’s just say, I don’t think Maya minds one little bit, she hungry!

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There’s also a snazzy little hidey-hole for an ice brick to keep things cool in the warmer weather!

Can we also just appreciate the design for a sec too? It has ALPACAS! On the lid AND covered in glitter on the water bottle! Aaaaaaaaah!

These are available from December 15th at Woolworths and on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say 11 on the ‘Go and get one’ scale

B x

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