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Day Care Lunches with Smash 2.0 – Lunch Kit

I’m trying to make our daycare get-ready fun. It’s never fun, knowing you have to walk out the door in 20 mins and leave your babe to go to a place you don’t necessarily want to be (come on, it’s work right?!)

But to easy the ripping of the band-aid, I am working on sitting down with Maya each morning to make her lunch together and chat to her about food and nutrition and how the basics of it works (even though she mostly just looks at me and repeats the name of the food 3 times until I let her have a taste!)

But I figure it’s a good start none the less and will (hopefully) set up a good habit for being responsible for her own lunch from time to time once she starts school.

SmashKit (1 of 11)

I tend to follow a mostly plant-based diet and add things in from there.

Note: I would love to be a vegetarian and I am sure it would be quite easy for me to remove meat…but I’m not 100% and have an over-fondness for cold-cuts, so definitely can’t call it!

The base of May’s lunches are always fruit and veg (snowpeas, corn cobs and banana in this particular case!) and I will add a Yoghurt snack every day and then either a) a sandwich like the above or b) leftovers from our meals the night before to keep her full and keep those carb-levels up!

SmashKit (11 of 11)

Today, we used our Smash Lunch Kit that comes complete with a Heart-shaped sandwich cutter that I just adore! It’s also bento-style which keeps the goodies separate and avoids a gnarly soggy-sanga sitch! And as per every Mum’s dream, it comes with LABELS! LABELS PEOPLE! So we don’t loose it. Even in a family day care run by my mother, this can be an issue! ha!

SmashKit (5 of 11)

This is a quick and easy way to make a delicious, rubbish free lunch that is even a bit of fun in the process!

You can grab the Bento Lunch Kit from Big W stores Aus-wide from Dec 15th!

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