So You’re Stuck for a Wedding Song…

Well my love, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve been following on our little journey for a while, you’ll know that my second biggest love and also side-hustle is music.

I sing, play piano and guitar and started gigging 15 years ago. I have sung at some of the most beautiful weddings & engagements, charity events, TV shows, birthdays, markets, pubs, clubs and more!

Now my life has mellowed a lot and I mostly sing at weddings these days (my fav, by the way!) the one thing I am constantly asked by couples preparing for a wedding is ‘can you suggest some songs…’ and my answer is always a bit of a shambles, trying to throw together what I recall as the most beautiful songs I know and inevitably, I forget them! So here they are… my favourite heartfelt, feelsy and a little different (definitely not obvious choices from the top 40) options for Walking Down the Aisle, Leaving the Ceremony and First Dance, plus some honorable mentions from my beautiful Instagram community.

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Walking Down the Aisle

In my head this is usually beautiful, slower and incredibly romantic…but I would be remiss to not add some upbeat options too…so here we are and in no particular order…

The Girl– City and Colour. For a heartfelt dedication to the woman you love

There Will Be Time– Mumford and Sons. For something incredibly boho, worldly and the line ‘in the cold light I live to love and adore you…’

She Burns– Foy Vance. For Irish folk magic and (even though the meaning is a little darker) some beautiful lyrics about fierce love

You And I – Ingrid Michelson. For cuteness, whimsy and ukuleles!

Fallin’ All In You– Shawn Mendes. Because sometimes, something perfect evolves from something that was only ever meant to be for one night!

Work Song- Hozier. For the line ‘no grave can hold my body down, Ill crawl home to her’ oh my heart

A Million Years – Alex Ebert. For fun, Bob Dylan like folk…’it’s been a million years full of tears but I found my girl’

Almost (Sweet Music)- Hozier. For glorious upbeat love melodies

I Get To Love You- Ruelle. Because I have seen  first hand the spell this song can cast over a ceremony when one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen walks down the aisle. Absolutely breathtaking. I was lucky enough to be singing it too.

Sink In– Amy Shark. Because ‘I’m drowning in your wonderful, collapsing underneath your perfect’

Fading– Vallais Alps. Because, this moment really is paradise.

Love Her Anyways– Hearts and Colours. Because it’s honest, cute and fun! Warning: contains key lyric about girl with blue eyes…if that applies or not!

Sleep on the Floor- The Lumineers. Because there isn’t much more romantic than a runaway couple!

applecider (1 of 3)

Ceremony Exit

Introducing Mr & Mrs *insert your surname here*…and go!
This to me should definitely be upbeat! Everyone wants to happy cry right now! Make them happy cry and leave them on a high!

False Alarm– Matoma and Beccy Hill. Because holy shit her voice! It’s definitely not a false alarm!

 World Of Our Love- Client Liason. Because it’s bouncy and cute AF

Ho Hey– The Lumineers. Because it’s beautiful AND upbeat!

Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Because this is the cutest duet ever!

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show. Because who doesn’t love a fun banjo love story?!

Anywhere- Passenger. Just give it a listen, you’ll understand!

I Got You– Amy Shark. A little more stripped back than some of the others, still super uplifting though and beautifully produced.

Futon Couch– Missy Higgins. Because upbeat tale of falling in love unexpectedly…and Hey Boy, what do you say we jump?! 

Hands to Myself– Selena Gomez. Because cheeky, upbeat and lefts be honest, you probably can’t keep your hands to yourself at this point.

Whole Lotta Love– Led Zeppelin. Perfect for the edgier couple! Plus it’s super long and gives guests plenty of time to exit! (This is my dads favourite song of all time and means alot to our family…it will definitely feature in any wedding I have!)

headshots (3 of 4).JPG
Mah Super-Serious Musician Face 🙂 You’re Welcome

First Dance

I feel like there are two very different types of first dances : the tear-jerking romantic ballad and the fun, cute & lovable. So I have separated them accordingly.

Slow and Ballad-y

Northern Wind- City and Colour. Because this is hands down, my favourite song ever.

Belief- Gavin Degraw. Because ‘tonight you arrested my mind when you came to my defence with a knife in the shape of your mouth, in the form of your body…and Ill stand by my belief’ oh my!

The Luckiest– Ben Folds. Because in that moment, you truly are. 

Heaven- Ziggy Alberts. Because bless this kid he can sure write a heart-string tugging love song

The Devil’s Tears– Angus and Julia Stone. Because ‘I’ll taste the devils tears, drink from his soul…but I’ll never give up you’

Tenerife Sea– Ed Sheeran. Oh my goodness, yes…everything about this is beautiful and yessss! 

Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapleton. Because aint no-one do a love song like a country boy…’and I stay stoned on your love all the time’

Even When I’m Sleeping- Leonardo’s Bride. Because, an oldie but a goodie

Stay Alive– Jose Gonzales. Because the clock, the build, the orchestra, the voice

Heart’s On Fire- Passenger. Because even though the lyrics are actually reflecting on a past relationship if you really listen, feeling like your heart is on fire is pretty spot on amirite?

The Blowers Daughter- Damien Rice. Because, ‘I can’t take my eyes off you’

The Night We Met- Lord Huon. Because this song (especially if you have seen 13 Reason Why) bring out so many beautiful romantic feels!

All Fired Up- Matt Corby. Because magic arrangement, slow-dancey, stunning lyrics and romantic AF!

The Only Reason– JP Cooper. Because you cannot go past a soulful rnb love ballad.


More Upbeat

Slow Dance– John Legend. Because it’s just cute as fook…and it’s John Legend! Swoon!

Follow Through- Gavin Degraw. Because it’s a love song with some tempo! Perf!

A Million Years- Alex Ebert (again!) Because this song is just perfect for an upbeat first dance!

I Like Me Better- Lauv. Because you can go past a happy love tune with the line ‘I like me better when I’m with you!’

Hold My Girl- George Ezra. Because sometimes, he just needs a minute to hold his girl!

Wrap Your Arms Around Me- Gareth Dunlop. Because it was in a Nicholas Sparks film so it must be perfectly romantic! It’s also super vulnerable country guy singing a love song…Oh my!

guitar (4 of 7)

Honorable Mentions:

So these are the fabulous suggestions of my followers on Instagram that I must take no credit for. My beautiful followers wrote in, some married and some not, with these suggestions. I listened to them all and have offered a little suggestion as to where (If it where me) I would put them in the day.

Old Pine– Ben Howard. For a beachy-beautiful walk down the aisle.

You Are The Reason – Callum Scott. Now this guy’s a jerk because he can’t not write a song that brings tears to your eye! Aisle or First Dance fo sho!

Angels– The XX. A Whimsy walk down the aisle.

I Wont Give Up- Jason Mraz. The perfect walking or waltzing tempo. The Lennon and Maisy cover is also beautiful!

Sea of Love- Led Zeppelin…or Cat Power…both glorious for aisle or first dance.

Cold Water (Acoustic)- Justin Beiber. So I never thought I’d see the day (love him as I may!) I suggested a Beibs song for a wedding but this….just this. First dance all the way.

Paradise– Skeggs. Suggested by my only male respondent that wasn’t playing silly-buggers…this song is cute AF for a walk back down the aisle!

So Into You- Childish Gambino (Like a Version)- Wow. Just wow. The perfect first dance for a modern bride & groom. Love love love it!

All My Life- Kc & Jojo. Seeing a beautiful bride walk down the aisle to this was magic. So so fitting…and those harmonies! I die!

From the Ground Up- Dan + Shay. Oh those country heartstrings are pullin’ hard! Try not to cry, I dare you!

Marry Your Daughter- BRKN RBTZ. Oh my goodness. Another country tear-jerker. A lovely friend of mine walked down the aisle to this and the whole venue was in tears. Absolutely stunning.

How Long Will I Love You- Waterboys/Ellie Goulding. I sang this to Maya on the reg when she was in my belly and when I took her home for the first time, it played in the car, just like magic. It is so delicate and lovely.

Forever Begins Tonight- The McClymonts. My bestie walked down the aisle to this stunning Aussie country number.

Wallflower- The Lamplights. Oh my. For a first dance with your wallflower.

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